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In this self-guided tour, you'll see how Menlo protects you from downloading malicious documents, bad phishing links and other harmful malware. Our unique Isolation based approach eliminates malware and ransomware attacks with no impact on user experience.

Everything you do online - browse web sites, download documents, use SaaS apps - you can now do safely.

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How it Works

Today, all work is Internet work. With Menlo Security, everything your people need to do online, they can do safely and confidently, without interruption. So users can keep the business running smoothly — and you can focus on something besides constantly reacting to threats.

Menlo Security Internet Isolation

Menlo Security's Internet Isolation opens links from your clicks in an Isolated Browser in our Global Cloud making sure nothing from the website reaches you. Our really awesome technology ensures that you won’t notice this at all. This lets you surf the web, download documents, use SaaS apps, exactly like before, but without any of the risk.

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too.


Menlo Security Isolation Features

Web Isolation

Menlo's Web Isolation creates an airgap between you and the rest of the Internet, so you can surf safe. Don’t let malware get in the way of your next vacation.

Email Isolation

Menlo seamlessly integrates with your email infrastructure (including Office 365) and opens all links and attachments using our Isolated Browser. You don’t have to ask your friends if it’s safe to click.

Doc Isolation

Read random PDFs and Office documents on the web without having to download them to your computer first and running the risk of infection. We’ll instantly convert these into a safe version, so you can say no to Ransomware.

Global Cloud

Our highly available datacenters around the world ensure not just your safety, but also high performance and a 99.995% uptime. So, whether you are at home or away at an exotic location on the other side of the globe, we got your back.

Global Cloud

Our Security & Operations team work round the clock to ensure that Malware and Ransomware stay where they belong – NOT on your computer. Millions of users use our platform every day to stay safe on the internet.