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In this self-guided tour, you'll see how Menlo protects users from downloading malicious documents, bad phishing links and other harmful malware. Our unique cloud-based approach prevents phishing and malware attacks on any browser and any device across your hybrid enterprise, with no impact on user experience.

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Browser Security

Browser Security: Any Device, Any Browser

The browser has emerged as the most widely used enterprise application, but it is seldom managed as such. Unfortunately, conventional network and endpoint security tools are blind to activities in browser sessions, and threat actors have taken note, crafting highly evasive and adaptive threat (HEAT) attacks that target this vulnerable app. See how the Menlo Secure Cloud Browser works to keep users – and the enterprise – safe.

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How it Works

As the most widely used enterprise application, the browser has become a common target for threat actors, making browser security a critical need for organizations.

Menlo Security Internet Isolation

Traditional network and endpoint-based security weren’t designed to protect against browser-based threats, making it a prime target for threat actors. The Secure Cloud Browser from Menlo provides a scalable secure browsing experience for users, isolating all web content in our Cloud Security Platform, keeping all threats away from the endpoint. Menlo Security analyzes over 400 billion web sessions from around the globe each year.

With Menlo Security, you can prevent phishing and malware attacks and delight your users. Say goodbye to maintaining complex web access policy and a mountain of support tickets. Say hello to happy, productive and secure users.


Menlo Security Isolation Features

Manage the Browser

The Menlo Secure Cloud browser allows you to manage the local browsers already installed in your environment, so user experience is unaffected as security is increased.

Protect the User

The Secure Cloud Browser protects the user’s local browser from zero-hour phishing, infected files, & browser exploits

Secure Access and Data

Secure access to enterprise web applications and sensitive data, even in situations when the application itself does not support that level of policy natively

Any Browser, Anywhere

Menlo Security analyzes over 400 billion web sessions each year globally and our Security & Operations team work round the clock to ensure that malware and ransomware stay where they belong – NOT on your computer. Millions of users use our platform every day to stay safe on the internet.